Do you think you have what it takes to put together the "Year's Best Patch" at Night of a Thousand Jacks? Put your creative carving skills to the test!

Simply fill out the form below. The entry fee is $50 for a "Pumpkin Patch" of up to 10 Jack-o'-Lanterns (and $5 for every additional Jack), which you can pay below or at one of our carving or turn in events.

Visitors to the event and to our website will have the chance to make donations to Advocates for Children in the name of their favorite patches. The Pumpkin Patch that raises the most will be named the "Year's Best Patch" and win a cool $500!

Want to give yourself an edge? Every dollar your patch earns is a vote for your team, so feel free to raise some funds beforehand. Previous years' contestents have set up booths at grocery stores, held bakesales, and even planned their own 5k to get a head start. Remember, every dollar you raise goes directly to help Advocates for Children guarantee that our community's most vulnerable children have a safe, loving and permanent place to call home.

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After completing the form above, you may submit your entry fee here, using your credit card or PayPal account.  The entry fee is $50 for patches of up to 10 pumpkins, and $5 for each additional pumpkin.

The full amount of your entry fee is a contribution to Advocates for Children.  You can learn more about the cause your donation supports here.

THERE IS NO FEE FOR NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS.  If you are a charitable organizations, simply complete the registration form above and disregard this section.